We are here to not only assist our customers with their firearm and jewelry purchases but to also to take care of our customers after the purchase.  We want to earn our customers business and then keep it for life.  Below are some of the services we offer.  If there is ever anything we can do to assist you, please contact us.

Firearm Cleaning & Maintenance

We can take care of most handgun, long gun, and shotgun maintenance, repair and cleaning needs:

  • Certified Glock Armorer on staff
  • M1 Carbine and M1 Garand specialists on staff
  • Military wood refinishing
  • AR-15 maintenance and upgrades
  • General repairs
  • Scope and red dot mounting
  • Scope and red dot bore sighting
  • Cleaning and maintenance

Firearm Upgrades

Premier Arms™ stocks a wide variety of accessories to help you upgrade and customize your favorite firearms. Not only will our helpful staff show you all the accessories and upgrades we have for your firearm, but we can install them for you as well.

Firearm & NFA Transfers

We can transfer handguns and long guns into our store that you have purchased online or are receiving from out of state.  Most times we can take the information needed to initiate the transfer over the phone, thus saving you time and hassle.


As a Class 3 dealer, we can transfer any registered NFA item into our store that you have purchased online or are receiving from out of state.  Due to the nature of NFA transfers and the additional paperwork required the recipient will need to come into the store to start the transfer process.  We are always happy to answer NFA transfer questions over the phone.

Firearm Appraisals

We provide professional written appraisal services for any situation.  Our vast experience specializing in used firearms allows us to appraise any type of firearms, from pre-Civil War to modern including all types of military firearms and rare and low production firearms.  We have provided appraisals and consultation services for major museums and large law firms; we can put our 21+ years of firearms experience to work for you.  From one piece to an entire collection, we can provide appraisals for:

  • Insurance
  • Estate and Probate
  • Divorce
  • Wholesale or retail valuation

Jewelry Repairs

P. A. Jewelers is happy to help with your jewelry repair needs. From simple clean, polish and inspection jobs or ring resizing to replacing missing stones and damage repairs, we can help. Our expert jeweler has over 30 years of experience and employs the latest laser technology combined with old school craftsmanship to provide the highest level of quality.  And where other jewelry stores want to make major profits off their service work, at P. A. Jewelers we pass our wholesale service pricing onto our customers as we believe in building relationships and helping customers out, always putting our customers before profits.

Jewelry Customiza­tion & Redesign

Do you have a piece of outdated jewelry that use to be a favorite but no longer gets the enjoyment it deserves.  Or did you inherit a piece of jewelry with deep sentimental ties, but it just is not your style?  Let our designer work with you to reimagine it into a new way.  We work with our clients to modify an existing piece into a new design or use components from an existing piece in a completely new custom build.  Either way, you get a new piece of jewelry to enjoy again.