It Is Race Week in Indy 🏁

It Is Race Week in Indy 🏁

Stop in to the shop when you are in town to get you Al Unser Jr Signature Series watch. Or call us at 317-858-3030 to get yours and have it shipped to you. We have a lot of good numbers available. In fact, Al stopped in over the weekend to list out more meaningful numbers to him & his career.

Rookie Year Indy 500 in 83, car #19 (sold)

Rookie Year CART car #17

First Win in 84, car #7

Long Beach Grand Prix wins 6

Career Wins 34

“Uncle Bobby” Indy wins in 68, 75, 81, car #3 (Al Jr has this watch), 48

Al Sr Indy wins in 70, 71, 78, 87, car #2 (sold), 7, 25 (sold)

So many great numbers in the long Unser Racing Legacy! Get yours today! #morethanakiss #AUJSignatureSeries