Message from the CEO and “Head Floor Sweeper”

Since opening Premier Arms™ and P. A. Jewelers in 2001, I have strived for one thing, providing our customers with the best experience possible. Before opening I spent most of my time on the other side of the counter as a customer in other shops. There I learned how I liked to be treated, and how I didn't. I wanted a store that treated each and every customer with honesty, professionalism, care and respect. I wanted sales staff that took the time necessary to answer all of the customer’s questions, had the knowledge to do so, and above all if they did not know would find out the answer, not just make something up. I wanted to provide a large and varied selection of quality firearms, jewelry, coins and bullion as well as some of the best ammunition and accessories available. Now being a small independent store, I do not have the buying power of the big box stores, but I believe you will enjoy browsing our selection of used and new firearms, ammunition, accessories, fine estate jewelry and watches, coins and bullion. On any given day we offer over 1500 different used and new firearms in stock, with a variety normally not found in other shops, and over 3000 pieces of unique jewelry you will not see anywhere else. My staff is second to none, offering real world shooting experience as well as technical knowledge to assist you with all of your needs. And our prices simply can't be beat. Many stores say that, but at Premier Arms™ and P. A. Jewelers we truly do put our customers before profits. Like, during COVID-19 when all the shortages occurred and other stores radically increased their prices on firearms and ammunition, Premier Arms did not increase their markups by one penny. We simple refuse to take advantage of our customers. In closing, I believe you will enjoy your experience shopping with Premier Arms™ and P. A. Jewelers, and I hope you visit us soon.

Bryce Curry, CEO

No Price Gouging

Greed is a strong temptation, and many in business succumb to it, chasing more and higher profits, taking advantage of others just to add to their bottom line.  One thing I learned early on in business is it is not about making money; it is about taking care of your customers.  It is about offering a good product and a fair price while providing exceptional service and always putting your customer before profits.


Most businesses will say something similar and claim to have the lowest prices.  But at Premier Arms™ and P. A. Jewelers this claim is not just meaningless words or lip service, but it is how we run our business, every day, and have for over 21 years.  And we prove it, day after day, with unbeatable prices, like all new firearms are just 10% over cost, where others charge 18-25% over cost.  During the firearms and ammunition shortages caused by COVID-19 most local, chain and online retailers took the low supply and extremely high demand to radically mark their prices up for additional profits, taking advantage of their customers in the process.  For example, during COVID-19 many retailers were charging $50.00 a box for 9mm range ammunition.  Premier Arms™ prices for the same ammunition averaged $17.50 a box.  Our costs never went up so why would our prices?  Sure, we missed out on making a lot of extra profits, but at Premier Arms™ we simply will not take advantage of our customers, our ethics and morality will not allow us to.  And what do we have to show for it?  Our business tripled during COVID-19 and continues to grow today!


Where most jewelry stores will mark their jewelry up three to five times over their cost, P. A. Jewelers takes a different approach.  Our everyday pricing is up to 70% lower than theirs, our diversity of selection and service is better too.  Again, why take advantage of your customers?  We simply won’t and that is our “No Price Gouging” pledge to our customers.

Smiling, Knowledge­able Staff (No Grumpy Gun Guys Alowed)

You are only as good as the people you surround yourself with.  At Premier Arms™ and P. A. Jewelers we truly believe that.  Our large staff has a diverse background but one goal, to provide the best service possible.  In fact, when I hire new sales staff, I preference customer service skills over firearms and jewelry knowledge.  We can teach firearms and jewelry but being nice is a harder skill to learn.


We are blessed and have staff with both smiles on their faces and knowledge in their heads and kindness in their hearts.  With our large and diverse staff, we possess the knowledge to help you with all of your questions and shopping needs and make sure you leave with a smile on your face.  Stop in and experience it for yourself, from a warm greeting when you enter our store to a “thank you for stopping in” when you leave, we will make sure you are well taken care of.

The Curry Pack

The shop’s owners, Bryce & JoLee Curry, are dog lovers, specifically German Shepherd Dogs.  We affectionally call them “The Curry Pack”.  The Curry Pack has always been a fixture in the Premier Arms™ shop. From the first day we brought Kane home in 2002, through today, our dogs go to work with us every day. They are so much a part of our lives and our shop that when we expanded the shop a few years ago, the new shop was designed specifically to allow our dogs to be there, be comfortable, & be safe.


The Curry Pack all started when the Currys’ adopted Kane in 2002.  Ava followed in 2005.  Jax joined the pack in 2010, after Kane’s passing.  Ryka arrived in 2015, after Ava passed away.  Colt joined our pack in 2017.  Sadly, both Jax & Colt crossed the rainbow bridge in 2022.  One of our newest pack members is Panzer, who we adopted in the spring of 2022.  Ryka crossed the rainbow bridge in early 2023.  Last but not least, we adopted Astra, a white german shepherd puppy in March 2023.


While the faces of our Pack have changed through the years, the one thing that has remained constant is that The Curry Pack are great ambassadors for the shop, and our customers love them.