One of a kind and historically significant Colt Custom Shop hand engraved Colt Python & a one of one Tom Harvey hand engraved Colt 1908!

One of a kind and historically significant Colt Custom Shop hand engraved Colt Python & a one of one Tom Harvey hand engraved Colt 1908!

Over the past 22 plus years The Buy Room ™ at Premier Arms has seen some pretty amazing and rare firearms. But these two have to rank right up there with the best of the best.

How about a Colt Python, we should actually say THE Colt Python. Why “THE”? Because you are looking at the very first Colt Python to be factory hand engraved, not laser, not machine, but true old school craftsman hand engraved directly out of the Colt Factory Custom Shop. You only have one “first” like this, and we just bought it. It’s un-turned, like factory new and fully documented and certified in writing by the Colt Custom Shop.

But why stop there? How about another 1 of 1 custom hand engraved Colt? Sure, like this Colt M1908 1 of 1 hand engraved by Master Engraver Tom Harvey. This Colt, originally produced in 1939, come with a Colt Factory Letter and the knowledge that no one will ever have another one just like it. We just bought it as well

Two one of a kind, investment grade, museum quality, hand engraved Colts that you will not see at any other shop, period. Only at Premier Arms, the largest buyer in the Midwest.

How do we get so many scarce and cool firearms? Simple, we operate differently than all other “gun buyers”. Premier Arms never cherry picks a few pieces out of a collection, and sticks the customer with having to try and sell the rest. We buy it all! And we actually “buy it” too, no store credit only, no consignment only games, no “leave it with us a few days and we will see if we can pre-sell a few pieces” (actual quote from another shop) just an agreed upon price and immediate cash in your hand. And with unsurpassed buying power we do this day in and day out. We simply never stop buying. In fact, we have continually bought for over 22 years!!!

How has Premier Arms grown to become the largest firearms, jewelry, gold and silver coin and bullion buyer in the Midwest? It’s simply because we always treat our customers with respect and deal in a fair and honest way. The Buy Room™ at Premier Arms is always open to help our customers and we never stop buying. From a single firearm to an entire collection including high end knives, gold and silver, we buy what others don’t, we pay what others won’t.

Thank you to yet another great repeat customer that chose to do business with us. Honest, professional and experienced help in a private and secure environment. #buyroom

All items pictured will be posted again once they are inventoried, inspected, cleaned and then put out on our floor. Details will be available then, thank you for your patience.