The Buy Room™

Why Sell to Premier Arms™ & P. A. Jewelers?

Because, as the home of The Buy Room™, Premier Arms™ and P. A. Jewelers is the firearm, militaria, jewelry, gold and silver coin and bullion buying experts with over 21 years of experience and tens of millions of dollars of collections bought.  We are the largest buyer in the Midwest and very good at what we do.  Premier Arms™ has purchased collections from as far away as California and New York and has the experience and resources to help you too.  Premier Arms™ and P. A. Jewelers offers our customers The Buy Room™, an exclusive private, secure room in which we conduct our purchasing right there in front of the customer, in a professional, honest, and ethical manner.  And because we want our customers to be confident in the entire sales process, references are available upon request.


Since opening in 2001, Premier Arms™ and P. A. Jewelers has specialized in both buying and selling quality firearms, gold and silver jewelry, coins and bullion.  We have built a solid reputation for treating those wanting to sell their firearms, jewelry, coins and bullion in an open, fair, and honest manner.  When we look at purchasing a single item or an entire collection, we always take time to properly examine and determine the value, and to explain this evaluation process to you, the potential seller.  This informs the seller as to the value of their firearms, jewelry, coins and bullion and to the amount we will pay for them.  When selling to Premier Arms™ and P. A. Jewelers be assured that there is no smoke and mirrors, fancy speak or confusing sales processes, just honest, forthright dealings and most importantly, prompt, on-the-spot, payment.  Please read further to learn more about what we buy and how we do it.

We Buy Firearms

For over two decades, our expertise in the used firearms business enables Premier Arms™ to properly evaluate your firearms.  This is a very important first step in selling your firearms that many dealers are unable or unwilling to do.  When you come into Premier Arms™ to sell your firearms, we put our many years of experience specializing in used firearms to work for you making sure you get the most money for them.  We deal in used firearms on a daily basis, buying and selling thousands per year; we know what to look for when identifying and evaluating used firearms and what firearms are worth. Most shops do not specialize in used firearms; we do.  Unlike most shops, when used firearms come in for sale, we don’t just pick up a book and look up a price, often a poor and inaccurate way of determining value.  Instead, we utilize our extensive expertise to determine exactly what you have, and since we specialize in vintage commercial and military firearms, we also have a large reference library on site to help identify odd variants or features, if needed.  With many specialized and out of print books at our disposal, we can determine the exact make, model, and special features letting us properly value your firearms.  If you have a large collection, we have the buying power to purchase it.  And when we do, we don’t just cherry pick the collection by buying only the really good items.  Instead, we purchase it all, leaving the client with more money in their pocket, not undesirable items they still need to try to sell.  This is one way Premier Arms™ is different than just about any other shop that says they will “buy” firearms, Premier Arms™ buys everything, all of your firearms, accessories, ammunition, everything.  We have built our entire business around buying firearms and we offer the experience, professionalism, and service you, the client, wants and deserves in selling your used firearms.  This is something that you will not find at other dealers.


We have a large clientele that purchases used firearms from us and because of this we are always looking to replenish our used firearms inventory.  We purchase just about any firearm, from a single rifle or pistol to a large collection, we purchase it all.  Do you have a large estate or collection to sell?  We will purchase that too; no collection is too large.  Do you want more piece of mind?  At Premier Arms™, we are always happy to offer references to past and current clients.  When a loved one passes and leaves behind a firearms collection, often spouses and other family members are overwhelmed with the task at hand, let Premier Arms™ help.  Our staff has years of experience purchasing collections, helping with not only in purchasing and securing the firearms, but quickly providing the seller with cash.  We realize, when we are looking at a collection to purchase, that quite often these are firearms that a collector spent years, if not a lifetime, seeking out, purchasing and enjoying.  We treat each collection we buy with the respect it deserves, often wanting to learn the history about the firearms so it can be passed on to the future collector.  As we say in this business, we never truly own firearms, but instead we are caretakers for a time until that privilege is passed on to another collector.  We specialize in finding that next collector and we are always prepared to purchase your firearms, in other words if we make you an offer, we will follow it up with full payment on the spot.


Whether you are downsizing, moving or settling an estate, when you sell a firearm collection often you have more in the collection than just firearms.  Most dealers don’t want to mess with accessories, but Premier Arms™ enjoys helping out our customers by purchasing your entire collection including related firearm accessories, such as:

  • Firearm Books & Magazines
  • Holsters, Slings & Firearms Cases
  • Knives (Commercial & Custom)
  • Reloading Equipment & Supplies
  • Ammunition
  • Gunsmith Tools & Equipment
  • Cleaning Equipment
  • Display Cases
  • Firearm Safes
  • Any firearm related item

We Buy NFA

Premier Arms™ has been a Class 3 dealer since 2002 and is experienced in purchasing all legal NFA items.  Whether you are selling a single item or an entire collection, we want to purchase your NFA items.  Be assured you will be treated in an open and honest manner and, as always, all transactions are held in the strictest confidence.   Private consultation sessions are available upon request.  Bank and professional references are also available.


We purchase transferable NFA items including:

  • Machine Guns
  • Sub-Machine Guns
  • Silencers
  • Short Barrel Rifles & Shotguns
  • AOWs

All Federal NFA laws and Indiana State laws are strictly adhered to and we request all NFA items brought in for prospective sale be accompanied by the appropriate NFA paperwork.

We Buy Militaria

Firearms are only part of what we buy and sell at Premier Arms™.  Dealing in all vintages of military firearms offers us the opportunity to also deal in related military items.  From Civil War, WWI and WWII to Vietnam and Korea, we purchase military items from any era.  Even modern items from Iraq and Afghanistan, if it is legal to own, we will purchase it.


Most of our soldiers that served overseas brought back a war trophy or two, as they were the original collectors.  Many soldiers also held on to their own personal issued equipment.  At Premier Arms™, we buy all of these types of items, such as:

  • Bayonets, Swords & Knives
  • Japanese Swords, Short Swords & Tantos
  • Flags, Banners & Pendants
  • Uniforms, Patches & Medals
  • Web Gear, Belts, Holsters & Pouches
  • Field Equipment
  • Scopes & Binoculars
  • Helmets
  • Watches & Compasses
  • Any Nazi marked items, military or civilian
  • Any other military item

At Premier Arms™ we appreciate the history of all military items.  Whether you have US military or German and Japanese items, we will purchase them.  But we will also purchase military items from other countries too, any vintage.  Trust your military items to a shop that has the expertise to know the difference between a WWI gas alarm and a party noise maker.  Just like when we purchase firearms, from one item to an entire collection, we will purchase all your military items at a fair and honest price.

Although we offer WWII relics from all Axis countries, including Germany, we have NO sympathies whatsoever to any fascist regime or ideology, it is just history. The first collectors of such war souvenirs were the victorious American GIs who brought them home in 1945.

We Buy Knives

Premier Arms™ will also purchase higher-end, quality custom and semi-custom commercial knives.  We also deal in and purchase any authentic military knives, swords, bayonets and daggers from any country and any era.  Trust your collection with Premier Arms™, with the expertise and resources to purchase your knife collection.

We Buy Jewelry

Over 20 years ago we were approached by a customer who wanted to trade a gold ring in on a firearm.  That single transaction sparked a chain of events that has now made Premier Arms™ and P. A. Jewelers the largest firearms, jewelry, gold and silver coin and bullion buyer in the Midwest.  After that transaction we placed a small “will trade for gold” sign in our display cases.  Within days we had customers asking if we bought jewelry as well.  We thought “is there a need for a jewelry buyer?” and the resounding answer was “yes!”.  P. A. Jewelers never wanted to be a “cash for gold” place.  We wanted to buy gold, silver and platinum jewelry, but do it in a different way, a customer first way.


Fast forward to current day and we have developed a unique way of buying jewelry built around customer privacy and an honest, transparent buying process using the exclusive Buy Room™ at P. A. Jewelers.  The Buy Room™ is a private and secure room in which we can evaluate a customer’s jewelry right there in front of them.  No looking at a customer’s jewelry at the counter as others mill around and overhear your business.  No taking all your jewelry and disappearing into a backroom as you wonder what is going on.  At P. A. Jewelers we conduct all our buying right in front of you.  And not only do we evaluate everything right in front of the customer, but we use the most advanced, non-destructive testing equipment to evaluate and authenticate your jewelry.  Where many “gold buyers” use the acid test to test the gold (scratching your gold jewelry and using acid to see what karat it is) which leaves your jewelry damaged, P. A. Jewelers uses advanced electronic testers that will never damage your fine jewelry.  We also use electronic testers to test diamonds, gemstones and are one of the few buyers that has advanced synthetic diamond screening equipment.  All of this allows us to properly screen, sort, and value your jewelry in order for us to offer you the most for it.  Another reason P. A. Jewelers is different is we are a jewelry buyer, we don’t just buy the gold, silver, or platinum.  We also buy the diamonds, paying our customers more than others in the process.  We use our over 20 years of experience to make sure we offer the most while conducting business in an honest, professional, and ethical manner, always putting our customers first.


If you need to sell one ring or an entire estate or collection of jewelry P. A. Jewelers is ready to help with our honest and transparent buying process and immediate payment.

We Buy Gold, Silver & Platinum Coins

P. A. Jewelers buys gold, silver and platinum coins. We will purchase everything from loose silver and gold US coins to graded coins and from a few coins to boxes full. And we utilize advanced testing equipment allowing us to verify coins without damage to the coins and/or removal or damage to encapsulated coins including graded slabbed coins and US Mint coins.  This allows us to verify your coins, and properly value them, without any damage or the need to remove them from sealed packaging.  We perform these services in our private and secure Buy Room™, right in front of the customer, and offer immediate payment.

We Buy Gold, Silver, Platinum & Bullion

P. A. Jewelers buys gold, silver, and platinum bullion. We purchase rounds and bars in any size and any quantity including commemorative and specialty products. We utilize advanced testing equipment allowing us to verify bullion without damage to the bars or rounds and/or removal or damage to encapsulated bullion including factory sealed product.  This allows us to verify your bullion, and properly value it, without any damage or the need to remove them from sealed packaging.  We perform these services in our private and secure Buy Room™, right in front of the customer, and offer immediate payment.